We all have to start somewhere.

A wise woman once told me the most subversive thing we can ever do, is to be authentically ourselves, however that is, in every minute. That’s tricky stuff right there.

For me being a Homeopath works best when I am being me, authentically, in the present, without judgement. Interestingly, so does the rest of my life.

Finding our voice

Being genuine, of undisputed origin, not a copy, faithful to our own selves is difficult sometimes. To find a voice in a world that is so full of voices and thoughts,  so full of experts and people telling you how it is or should be.  Sometimes in the noise and shouting, we can lose ourselves. We can suppress our true nature and start living in the land of should and shouldn’t – “I should be better” “I shouldn’t be anxious/angry/sad”. That’s not going to make anyone happy.

We suppress our emotions; especially the emotions we perceive to be ‘negative’. Anger and sadness are important, valid emotions. When they go unsaid and unexpressed, in the end this affects our health, our relationships and our lives detrimentally.

How many times have you heard people say “I can’t cry in front of anyone” or “I should have got over it by now”?  For me,  part of being authentic is recognising when I feel these things and asking myself  “Is it really wrong to feel like that?’.

Yes, anger can be toxic, as can grief and sadness, if they are pushed down and ignored. If there is no slow release valve then they tend to come out in unexpected ways and can manifest as, for example, road rage, anxiety, eating too much or too little, or insomnia.

No judgement

I hope that you feel you can be authentically who you are in our homeopathic consultation. You will not be judged and will be 100% listened to, perceived and celebrated for who you are, however that may be.

Learning to recognise and be ok with how we feel is an on-going process. It can sometimes feel overwhelming. Noticing and being aware of feelings and patterns takes time and gentleness. It is often easier with someone to walk some of the way with us.

You are the only expert on you.

After all you are the only expert on you that exists, and you have everything within you to make yourself whole again. It’s just a matter of unearthing YOU from under all the thoughts that plague us all. You know the ones – that we are not enough, or our voice isn’t important. That we can’t have what we want, crying makes us weak, we shouldn’t be anxious, they go on and on.

So please when you come and see me, come as you are.


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