Homeopathy is brilliant in many different situations and ways. This week I’ve treated many things.

Acutely – minor illnesses – I’ve seen cases of crippling earache,  two abcesses, a cough, a cold, a fever and two lots of swollen tonsils, the after effects of a tooth extraction (not related to the abcesses), detoxing the morning after pill, gallstone colic, acute anxiety (one person had a performance to do the other a job interview)  and shock.

This kind of homeopathy, is rewarding, it’s about finding relief ‘now’ for someone who is in terrible physical pain or discomfort. The kind of stuff that more often than not the Dr prescribes antibiotics for or we just suffer from or go to bed taking a painkiller. Or in the cases of anxiety and shock we often just have to get through it.

In each of the cases we found a remedy or remedies that stopped the pain and symptoms and could be taken again if needed.

However, the kind of Homeopathy I love most is working with people around often troubling emotional states that have been bothering them for a long time.

So this  week I’ve also worked with people around the loss of a parent/grief, crippling anxiety, bulimia, fears and phobias, boundaries, anger, depression,  addiction and the menopause.

Working on these cases is an utter privilege, to witness people move through places and emotions that have felt overwhelming and never ending brings me amazing satisfaction. If I’m honest I’m never not amazed by what homeopathy can achieve.  Which is why I specialise in people’s emotional challenges and wellbeing.

This kind of Homeopathy usually however takes longer; and Is often about talking as well as remedies. We always start off with what exactly is bothering someone. When it’s worse or better for, we cover all the different aspects of someone’s symptoms. And we begin to build a timeline. When the symptoms started and what was going on in their lives at the time. Building a timeline often helps put things into perspective especially when often we just live through what happens to us – survive it – rather than actually being able to experience the emotions we were feeling. For example the lovely person I treated who had lost her parent, had had to organise the funeral and all that entails, cope with family, go to work, sort a house and cope with her own and her families grief. That’s a lot. And it’s the same for all of us. So having an hour with me once a month to laugh,  cry and remember and to get remedies to take home as well is – as I know from personal experience – a ‘powerful’ experience. (Please excuse the word powerful it’s a bit too sugary new age for me but in this moment I can’t think of anything better)

My job is part Columbo the detective  – although I never wear a Mac – and part therapist. I make cups of tea, supply tissues, provide a safe space where your world stops for an hour, and remedies –  a hug in a pill as one of my lovely patients always used to say. Together we walk through experiences and emotions and as we do, in the process I witness great courage and you change. It’s true it is the road less travelled, but I think that’s what makes it all the more valuable.


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    This Homeopathy for emotional wellbeing – Everyday Homeopathy Brighton site has helped me many times
    in health problems.


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