Anxiety is on the rise, it’s an epidemic. A third of  the UK population will experience it at some point during their lives. with an explosion of reported anxiety amongst teenagers, young adults and women. Recognising that anxiety is a response to stress, to the increasing demands put on us and not a weakness also goes largely unspoken. As Dirty Harry said “A good man knows his limitations”

We live in unsettling times. Fear and scarcity narratives are rife, war, poverty and inequality normal, the divide between rich and poor ever increasing; being ourselves is often impossible, a luxury or frowned on. The future is more uncertain than ever. For me it feels that making strong foundations, physically and emotionally is getting more and more problematic.

Many articles have been written about the causes of rising anxiety and stress, and how to help or how not to.  Its true that rising individualism and isolation, and the decline in the idea of common good can’t be helping. Neither is the fact that folk HAVE to work and be fit for work and the safety net of community and caring have been cut.  It would also seem that we have been somehow sold the myth that happiness is an 24/7 reality, that anxiety, stress, grief and depression aren’t part of the human condition, everyday ups and downs, but stuff that needs treating and medicating, now. Capitalism is bumming us all. And the thing is into every life some rain must fall. otherwise – i’m guessing – we wouldn’t have sayings like this. But then try telling that to me when i’m having a bad day!

So how in these times can we find some certainty, some rooted ground to call our own and listen to what our anxieties are actually about? How can we live up to the growing expectations we have for ourselves and our lives? and how can we deal with our anxieties, whirling minds and the physical and emotional symptoms this can cause?

For me, as someone who has and can get anxious, my anxieties are about many things: money, home, health, family, not being a good enough mother, daughter, friend, partner, person.

My anxiety can manifest itself as worrying, insomnia, eating too much, not eating enough, wanting to stay in bed, wanting to run away; not being able to speak in public, feeling overwhelmed by what I have to do, crying – and trying not to, being angry and trying not to and a load more I won’t mention now as I’m starting to feel anxious; my heart rate races, I can feel nauseous, my thoughts get jumbled, my mind races, or I can’t think, my stomach’s in knots and I don’t want to be around anyone or speak to anyone….. but I don’t want to be on my own……it’s whirling and confusing, and I just don’t feel like myself. And then there’s Panic attacks, in the weirdest places at the weirdest times…..

In my land I carry three remedies with me at all times.  These are some of the remedies that help me:


The first is Aconite. Its an awesome remedy for fear, anxiety, fright and panic attacks. That restless almost nightmarish feeling where you feel like you have gone into shock. Like the world is closing in and you are going to die. Pure flight or fright. Pacing, breathless, heart racing, there’s a tiger is chasing you panic.


The second is a combination of remedies called AAA. This is a mixture of three remedies: Anacardium, Ambra Grisea and  Arg Nit. This is a remedy that I often put in water if I am going somewhere or doing something that I know will be a challenge. A party where I don’t know people, meeting new people, the dentist – although aconite is great for this too. Interviews, exams, tests of any kind. Or if I’m having a bad day and I just have what seems like random existential anxiety!

Arg Nit

The third is Arg Nit. This I take if I’m getting into a pickle about what if’s.

What if this happens, what if that and if I’m constantly going to the toilet and I keep thinking I need to, even when I’ve just been!

The thing is there are things that can help.

I’ve been working with my anxiety for a while. Its been a process, and for a long time it was just a matter of acknowledging I was anxious as I often didn’t realise as I was so caught up in being anxious! And its always good to know what makes you feel better sometimes it’s just a hug, or someone making you laugh. For me and for lots of other people it’s Homeopathy.

Now I’m not saying I’ve got a magic pill that will make everything better but maybe try some of these remedies and/or make an appointment with me. Come talk and laugh and cry with me, discover the underlying causes of your anxiety,  get to the heart of things, and hopefully stop feeling like you have to cope with your anxieties on your own.

Emma x

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