It can be helpful to learn how to tune into our cycles in order that we can give ourselves what we need at the right time, physically emotionally and spiritually. So heres some information you might not have that might help you to. Be aware of each  phase of your cycle and the hormone fluctuations, so you give it a bash using it to your advantage rather than what I used to do which is just be surprised about it all and wonder why I was having another period. 

Ok, it maybe isn’t a glittery experience

The average menstrual cycle is approx 23 – 35 days There are four phases

Day 1 – 7 Menstrual phase

The first day of menstrual bleeding is considered the first day of the cycle. 

The endometrium, or the membrane lining the uterus, is sloughed off due to drops in oestrogen and progesterone. 

This process usually takes two to seven days.

You are at your least fertile.

It may be harder to fall asleep.

Its good to eat nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory, iron rich foods that are right in vit B, try and stay away from alcohol.

Your defence system can be weaker.

Lowest energy levels.

Skin gets dry.

Gentle exercise, walking, swimming, yoga or light cardio, I would say have a date with yourself but that’s icky!

Focus on doing creative things, planning setting goals.

Day 7 – 13 Follicular phase

Energy, mood and labido are up.

Increased brain function.

Positive mood.

Good skin.

The Pituritary gland releases Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) to stimulate your ovaries to produce an egg, which matures in the ovary.

Levels of Oestrogen rise.

Progesterone levels rise.

Lutinizing Hormone (LH) stimulates the egg release from the ovary/follicle.

Womb lining starts to thicken in preparation for the egg being released.

You can feel drowsy during this phase.

Enjoy all physical activities

Initiate new projects, make big decisions.

Sleep good.

Day 14 – 18 Ovulation phase

Energy highest

Highest sex drive.

Feeling confident.

Going out is more fun.

Less energetic.

Oestrogen and testosterone peak.

Eggs lives for 12 – 24 hours (sperm lives for 5-7 days in the womb)

Ovulation occurs around 14 days after you start bleeding give or take.

Womb lining prepares to receive the fertilised egg.

Day 19 – 28 Luteal phase

Progesterone peaks and then drops 

Rest, restore, nourish, to help prevent PMS symptoms

Energy down 

Oestrogen down 

Testosterone down 

Towards the end of this part of the cycle proesterone goes up 

Sleep may come more easily.

Sugar cravings are more likely.

Skin troubles.

Mood swings could be possible.

Anxiety may occur. 


Time for doing things at home, boring chores that you put off.

Magnesium at this point in your cycle might help sleep, mood etc.

Increased body temperature.

Womb lining at its height and preparing to come away and your period starting again.

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I have years of experience helping women with their menstrual cycle. If you need help then let’s talk.

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    A lot of females feel embarrassed to speak or even learn about this. I had issues with calculating my cycle and prepping for the next period. Reading your article has cleared my every doubt and increased my understanding on this topic. I want to appreciate you for putting this up and I really hope you read my comment. Thank you.


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