Recovery from symptoms of Covid-19 can involve many ups and downs. Having treated a number of people who have been suffering with post-viral symptoms of Covid-19, the main thing that I have learnt is that recovery can take a long time.

A video from youtube that outlines the symptoms experienced by those recovering from Covid -19/ post viral fatigue/ CFS

This article, from the blog of the British Medical Journal written by a Doctor sums it up very well. It has been a comfort to many of the folk I am helping:

Link to a Blog In the British Medical Journal charting his symptoms whilst ill from Covid-19

And here is the orignal article from New Scientist discussing can cronovirus trigger post viral fatigue and what the symptoms might be:

What I offer.

I have found that in my homeopathic clinic, my patients and I being in contact more frequently really helps.

I can them support them better through the improving and relapsing waves of illness and recovery common to this illness.

People are understandably frustrated and dispirited when they feel worse again after feeling on the mend.

We don’t give up hope though and by working together we find the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have found that supporting and boosting their immune systems, prescribing remedies for each of the symptoms – sometimes old ones returning, sometimes new things coming up – they experience as they change, and keeping lines of communication open has been working well.

A photo of a dramatic sunset over Brighton to denote light at the end of the tunnel - recovery of symptoms of Covid-19

Photo: Light at the end of the tunnel.

If you are experiencing any problems getting regaining your health and wellness after being ill, please get in touch. 077340694371.

I also have a specific online Coronavirus appointment offer

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