Hi my name is Emma and I’m a Homeopath, shamanic practitioner, Mum, feminist, queer, dog owner, tea drinker, and body positive thriver.

A smiling friendly photo of Emma resting her head on her hand in a cafe
Hello! I’m Emma.

We all experience physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges during our lives. I have. I hope to walk alongside you (as women have done for me) and help you with these challenges and transitions.

We can often feel overwhelmed and vulnerable in times of change.  I offer a safe space in which to explore and acknowledge stuck and uncomfortable places.

My intention is to walk beside you, using Homeopathic remedies as part of the process, as allies in your journey. I’ll support you to a place of renewed comfort and purpose, and greater authenticity. An easier connection to your world and the people in it.

Read more about my approach to us working together in my blogpost:

Your authentic self

About my journey to becoming a Homeopath

I first went to see a homeopath when I was pregnant with my first child (she’s 21 now). I had debilitating morning sickness and had just been diagnosed by the doctor as having M.E. The morning after my first visit I woke up with no nausea and vomiting – the first time in 5 and a half months! I continued visiting the homeopath during pregnancy, and used a homeopathic birth kit in both of my home births. Homeopathy also resolved my M.E.

Once my first child was born I started using Homeopathy every time we were ill with guidance from our Homeopath. When my daughter was about one and a half she had a very bad croup attack and stopped breathing. We obviously called an ambulance,  in those few shocking moments I remembered a remedy my homeopath had given me for anything that happened suddenly (aconite 200c), gave it to her and within seconds she was breathing again. After this I decided that I wanted to train to be a homeopath so I could enable other people to take responsibility for their own and their family’s health.

For me both professionally and personally, Homeopathy has helped me in many ways. Working emotionally with people is where my passion lies.

Homeopathy is a different way of looking at health, its inclusive, gentle, effective, empowering, supportive, and safe. Its great for all ages and stages of life.

I’ve been working as a Homeopath since 2003. I’m fully qualified and insured, having graduated from the Centre for Homeopathic Education after 4 years of training.

I am a member of  The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.