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You can contact me in several ways. I offer Face to face appointments in Brighton, or long distance appointments via Skype, Zoom or phone if you live further away.

Contact details:


Call or text: 07734069371

I am based near Five Ways for appointments in person. My appointments room is light and spacious, with a good sofa to sit with a drink and tell me all about it.

Buses to nearby: routes 26, 46, and 50

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Sometimes you are at the moment when you want to seize the day. You know this is what you want to try and you are sick of feeling the way you do. You want to seize the day and phone to book in. Excellent! If I cannot answer at that crucial action-seizing moment then I am probably in another appointment. Leave me a message and let me know a good time to call you back. If you are still exploring options or if you just prefer to email or text initially then great, we can take it from there.

If there is anything you would like to chat about before making an appointment that’s no problem, just get in touch.

Appointments and prices

I look forward to helping you.