If you are experiencing or worried about Coronavirus I have created a new online consultation offer. Get advice and remedies if you are a person experiencing fever , breathing and cough symptoms. You should of course seek medical advice from the NHS in the first instance.

Are you are ill, self-isolating or would like to discuss ways to boost immunity or reduce severity?

I have created a new appointment offering, tailored to the current situation, responding to the needs and requests of patients and friends who use homeopathy.

Bottles of remedies
Preparing remedies at the clinic.

A short online 15 minute consultation – Skype or Zoom – followed by next day postage of remedies – £30 via Paypal.

Homeopathy professionals have been sharing what they have found to be helping people who are experiencing fever , breathing and cough symptoms and some main remedies have emerged that reduce length and severity.

I am also offering appointments if you are struggling with recovery from the virus. People experiencing symptoms of exhaustion, fatigue, return of previous symptoms or maybe just feeling like you haven’t regained your normal energy. If this is the case then please be in touch.

If you would like to arrange an online appointment please contact me.